Dislocations in Multiscale Modeling

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Dr. Xiaohan (Jum) Zhang (xzhang11@stanford.edu)

I am currently a Postdoc researcher in Stanford University, working with Professor Wei Cai on modeling dislocation nucleations and dynamics in semiconductor, funded by Samsung Semiconductor Inc.

From 2011 to 2015, I was a PhD student in Material Mechanics and Computing group. My advisor is Professor Amit Acharya on field dislocation mechanics which is a modern plasticity PDE theory developed from Kroner, Mura, etc. I have also worked closely with Professor Noel Walkington and Professor Jacobo Bielak.

In 2014, I worked as an intern reseacher in material science department of Oak Ridge National Lab where I have worked closely with Professor Robert Dodds and Dr. Sham Sam on modeling creeping of metals in nuclear plants.

From 2007 to 2010, I am a master student in Hydraulic Department of Tsinghua University. My advisor is Professor Qiang Yang. We use in-house nonlinear finite element code TFINE to give stability analysis of huge hydraulic projects.

Field Dislocation Mechanics

Coupling Discrete Dislocation with FEM

Creep Deformation in Nuclear Plants

High Arch Dam Stability

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